A brand new day..

Tis a brand new day. Full of promise. Full of hope for nothing to go wrong..and for the run of luck to end!

Had a "great" weekend....all issues aside. Summer finally arrived (thanks for answering the phone Summer....tis about time!) with 90 degree temps and a really warm pool. As such, was able to "swimmy swimmy"..and even managed to get Rex into the pool for a few minutes (the Croup really flares at night....and he was upset about everyone else swimmy swimmy-ing but him)....kept him quiet though for most of the weekend trying to get him healed.

One young Rex...King I Been Sick All Weekend is off to a new class at pre-school, moving from the upstairs to the downstairs at his school. This means that he is no longer in Baby Room 1, no longer in Baby Room 2, and no longer in Baby Room 3....he is now a young two...sigh. He is a growin......and I am not sure I like it...of course..what can I do about it.

The Prince, now officially (according to him, and the promotion certificate he received last Thursday) a High Schooler...is off this morning for math and technology placement at his new high school. School ended last Thursday, but to finalize schedules, he has to take this testing from 9-12. He is a growin...and I am not sure I like it...of course..what can I do about it.

Me?! I have an offsite meeting this morning until 10:30 (of course, after dropping off the Prince at his new School)....then a crazy day at work getting ready for a meeting tomorrow morning at 7:45. Good thing this is a short week....a short week full of promise!

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