Calling Summer.......


Hello....you've reached the house of Summer...I can't come to the mid-south right now..so leave your name, number and a brief message at the tone, and I will get back to you as soon as I feel like it..


Um..hello Summer? This is the Oz Family. See....we have this pool open in our backyard, and we have a soon to be two year old who's favorite sentence is "ouside pay? ouside pay?"....we really need you to head over our way to allow us to avail ourselves of both the pool and the "ouside to pay". So....the kids want to know if you can come over and play. We promise to send Spring home....with her cruddy rain and chilly temperatures the minute you get here..... Hope to see you soon (how about tomorrow?) Don't call us back, just stop on by!

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Carol P. said...

C'mon out here and bring your pool with you! It's supposed to be upper 80s next week. I'll be down in Cupertino though, so I won't get to feel the warmth. S and the girls will have to face it on their own....

Hope it warms up soon, otherwise you'll have a mutiny on your hand. A whiny one, "It's not toooooooo cold..."