Go ahead and add...

Go ahead and add a teenager breaking his mother's cell phone ("I don't know how it happened mom..no i didn't drop it..no I didn't get it wet..")

...and a washing machine that spewed water all over the floor of the laundry room just after it loaded with water..(perhaps indicating a seal that broke in the washer itself)...requiring 30 minutes of wet/dry vac use.....

Okay..for those of you keeping count:

1. Mr. Oz caught a cold.
2. Mr. Oz threw his back out.
3. Mr. Oz's tire threw a belt
4. Major tornadic/thunderstorm activity in the area
5. The King spews everywhere in the car as we leave
6. The King heads into full blown croup
7. The Prince breaks my cellphone
8. The washing machine spews water

Dontcha wanna be me? Please be me? I AM BEGGING YOU.....BE ME! Cuz I wanna be you....as long as nothing is happening in YOUR world.......


Carol P. said...

Sounds like you guys need a road trip and an exorcism or something?

Oh, yeah. Roadtrip. That's how this all was supposed to begin, right?

Hope things start looking up....

JO said...

Yeah...not too shabby huh?! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday...one thing per day (with the exception of the tire and the tornados...those were all on the same day!)........I just can't WAIT to see what tomorrow brings!