"Hi, you've reached the home of Summer....I am off fighting Spring in the Mid-South right now, so leave your name, number and a detailed message, and after my crusade, I will get back to you"....BBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP

Uh...Summer....I was wondering if you were trying to come over....it seems like something has been going on in the weather department as we have had 45 degree mornings, and 71 degree afternoons..and lots of Thunder Boomers....I guess I am glad that I didn't catch you at home..and that you are trying to get here....see you Monday Perhaps?

Yup, Summer is trying to make an appearance......but is struggling! (So one month of pool chemicals wasted on a perfectly clean pool that is too durn cold to swim in....) We are optimistic though that Summer is coming soon....71 today, 75 tomorrow, 77 on Sunday then....(drum rolllllllllllllllllll) 80 on Monday! Tune in next week for (hopeful) pics of the Swimmy Swimmy King (who for now has been content to stick 'finnas in the pool') and Swim Prince and his friends (who didn't care one day that it was only 72...and the water was 65...they got in ANYWAY..and FROZE for two minutes before getting out!)

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