Some of the cadets....

I gotta tell ya...the boyz of 1986 were not very complimentary...seemingly remembering that they did parades soooooo much better. Note the kiddo leaning on his right foot in the front row. "That would NEVER have happened when we were there...we would have been marching for hours......'pass and review and return to the Final Line'". Could it be that the boys of 1986 were so much better? Or could it be that they believed they were soo much better. Who knows...I will tell you though that one of the attendees from 1986 (who had left before this parade)...drummed out Cadence on one of the Cadet's drums after the Saturday parade, and had allllllllll of the alumni and remaining Cadets standing in awe....as it was a pretty impressive cadence (after not having played it for 20 years!) Posted by Picasa

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