Thought I would share my day today..

Thought I would do a quick share of Mrs. Oz's working-mom's day.......just so ya understand how crazy things are around here (and just so I can have it on record that I survived yet another day....)

5:30 up and at em'
5:40 Makin da coffee
5:45 in the shower
5:55 Outta the shower, wakin up Mr. Oz
6:00 Gettin Dressed
6:05 Waking up the King
6:10 Finding "Wiggles" on TV
6:11 Finding Mocha Mocha for the King
6:25 Dressing the King for School
6:40 Grabbing a 'nana for the King for bfast at school
6:50 Dropping off the King
6:55 Down the Road for Work
7:10 Arrive at work
7:11 Collect the Laptop, InFocus Projector etc. for offsite meeting
7:18 Race into meeting room that is located 3 miles (literally) from the office....at an airport
7:20 Up two flights of stairs and hook up said laptop, projector, etc.
7:22 Boot presentation
7:25 Back on the road to the office
7:40 Wander into office conference room acting like I know "nothing"
7:48 Hop on school bus outside acting like I know nothing
8:10 Arrive at said Airport (we took the long way)....note this was a themed meeting....gettin on the bus........
8:15-9:45 Listen to presentation that I have given hours to over the past week (whoo hoo..looked awesome..I RULE powerpoint....)
9:50 Collect 25 coworkers and gather for Group Photo (Agency 50th anniversary this year)
10:00 Hop back on the bus handing out handouts to everyone
10:15 arrive at work to 4 voicemails
10:20 Begin marketing piece for everyone to use (we are the tenth largest agency in town....big doins)
11:00 Get ready to race out to sign Auto Insurance papers
11:02 Sit back down at my desk and create a quick 3 page PPT presentation for a meeting my President forgot to mention..that starts at 11:30
11:15 Race out door to sign Auto Insurance papers
11:50 Race back in door carrying Skyline Chili for lunch
11:55 Continue working on Marketing Piece
12:00 Continue working on marketing piece
12:45 Race out door with co-worker to replace cell phone that the Prince so kindly thrashed
(Tired yet?!)
1:10 Race back in door to try to figure out the damn marketing piece (why is it only pixeling when it is PDF'd?)
1:45 Train co-worker on proposal
2:00-4:30 Continue to work on proposal
4:35 Work with two carriers..dealing on the damn proposal
5:00 Final carrier calls.....give him additional information..he'll send the final bid tomorrow
5:10 Hop in car....
5:20 Pick Up the King
5:30 Arrive Home
5:35 The King is cranky
5:40 The King won't let me out of his site to make dinner
5:55 I get free and defrost meat for dinner
6:00 Dinner prep underway
6:10 Stuff is cooking, I am washing dishes
6:20 Cooking, stirring, washing
6:30 Casserole in the oven
6:35 Finish dishes and start dishwasher
6:45 Throw away the stuff the eldest Oz child left on the counter (empty boxes anyone?!)
7:00 Dinner is done...fix plate for the King and Mom
7:18 The King falls asleep eating dinner
7:20 Carry dishes to the kitchen from dinner
7:25 Rinse Dishes
7:35 Stop to read my sister's blog (good thing YOU had a nice Memorial Day weekend....)
7:40 Start writing this post

Still to come.......grocery store, and a kid drop off....oh...did I mention the Prince had a friend spend the night last night?!

Whew....I am exhausted even recapping it..let alone living it.....

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Carol P. said...

I can see why you were tired! But thanks for making me feel better, as I've been feeling guilty that supper slipped to 6:30 since I started working. Now I know why....

Somewhere I read about moms and the duck-analogy: Above the waterline everything looks smooth and serene, and underneath its furious paddling...