Happy Friday Everyone!

Happy Friday! I made it! And while the week has been UGLY busy......no major catastrophes seemed to have occured (at least NONE that I am aware of!).

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate some grads across the country who are leaving their High Schools for the final time this weekend and heading out into the "real world" for whatever that is worth. I don't often use names here....and will only shout out to them by their first name with no location..but their accomplishment is great! Sooooo...

An Aunt J congratulations to (in alpha/familial order!)....

My beautiful neice Andrea (who is #2 in her class!)
My handsome nephew Blaine (who was the first baby on Mr. Oz's size that I ever held!)
My beautiful neice Brianne (the Prom Queen!)
My beautiful neice Katie (who is off to college to play women's soccer!)

and a cousinly shout out to....
Our cousin Dustin (who has really become quite the man!)
Our cousin Mallory (my AOL buddy from long ago who I reconnected with at my sister's funeral...hey Mallory I know it SUX to hang with the old folks....thanks for hangin!)

Y'all have a great life ahead of you...I see BIG things in all of your futures........Love you!

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