Getting older......

3 more nite nites, 2 more suitcases to pack, 1 more load of laundry, and one more load of dishes...just in case you were counting down with us!

Wandered over to the Dr's yesterday morning. My heart murmur was feeling like it was acting up with an fluttery rolling (aka sick to my stomach!) feeling. Knowing the heart history in our family, yet also recognizing that I have been under a ton of personal and professional emotional stress, I thought it might be best to have it "gram'd" (ekg) at the Dr's to make sure I wasn't doing something like "throwing PVCs" etc. The doctor took a strip, then based on the symptoms I was experiencing (rolling heart, nausea, rapid heart rate, a few thrown PVC's, etc) sent me over to a Cardiology Center for a full blood panel and mini-stress test with ultrasound of the ol' ticker. Now THAT will get your heart beating faster! 40 stinx!

So I went over to the Cardiology center and was promptly hooked up to more monitors than I had ever seen in my life! Beep Beep....the verdict is in...I HAVE A HEART (so shut up my dear brubahs....I have medical proof!).

Three hours, 1 IV, a jaunt on the treadmill, an ultrasound, some saline agitation, and a pint of blood given to the office 3 vials at a time, and three meets with the Cardiologist...and the doctor confirmed 1st that I have a heart (again my brubahs......CONFIRMED)....then indicated that MVP was NOT the cause of my heart murmur as previously thought and detected by my physicians, but that an Atrial Septal Defect was the murmur culprit. So you don't have to google it, an ASD is ....(ugh...okay brothers....here's one for you, beat away upon me my brubs)..a hole in my heart between the upper chambers. Tis congenital, and was indeed the source of the random PVC's that I was throwing, etc. It shouldn't cause all that many issues throughout my life (other than the random issues that excessive stress can cause...which is what started us down this testing path)...and needs no correction unless (okay Drs. Faison/Faison-Hunter) I begin to exhibit issues with Pulmonary Hypertension, or an enlarged Right Atrium from the blood flow across the barrier. Other than that, it is a baby aspirin a day to reduce the clotting issues that are seen with this type o'defect (stop it brothers.......I am NOT defective), and an order to not yell at youth hockey games. (What you ask? Why would the Dr order that? Well...he is a hockey dad as well as a cardiologist and thinks that hockey moms yell wayyy too much, so here is a great opportunity to tell one of them to stop! LOL!)

All in all.....a "fun" day, an interesting day, and an informative day...although I have to say...I still don't "feel the greatest"....again I say...40 stinks!


DF said...

You take all the fun from your brothers! Shucks!

Glad to hear you are doing as best as can be expected for a sister.

AW said...

One of the Drs. H has a female teacher friend who, with the same condition, had a stroke on the playground--caused by stress and yelling. Don't yell at hockey games!!!!!