It was a sciency kind of day.....

Yesterday's adventures revolved around the local science center. Or as the King quickly learned "Science Museum ... where L-key can touch things". The boys had a fun time running all over the five story facility learning about animal grossology (piles of dung anyone? The king seemed to enjoy them by gleefully exclaiming "that's naaaassty"), space, Egypt archeology, the Human Body, and all of that fun sciency stuff. The boys started out in the grossology exhibit....where the Cadet immediately spied something he KNEW his King-like brother would enjoy.....a fish slide coming out of a submarine! Shoes off for both boys..and fun ensued (both in the submarine and flying down the fish slide)

Then they were off to learn about frogs who carry their eggs in their mouths. (Okay..I was off to learn that..they were off to shoot a little froggy pinball......)

Ready to blast off in a real Gemini capsule? While it had never been to space ... NASA used it for training on the ground, the boyz decided this was wayyyyyyyy coool....and the king (although swamped by its size...even though I would have had clausterphobic nightmares...) was thrilled to be "blasting off". (And thrilled to be flippin switches, and turning levers). The Cadet? Well...he thought the space requirements in this two man capsule were not so bad...

After landing back on earth, it was off to many other adventures. It was field trip day at the Science Museum (5 different schools), which meant the camera got put away, and one Mom had to chase the King around pretty closely ...so you will just have to trust me that the boys had fun playing with skeletons, driving a drunk driving simulator, playing virtual reality volleyball, building pipe trails out of pvc and elbows, building magnetic arches, generating electricity, working on an assembly line, and the like. (and of course....the King touching things!)

Of course, no trip would be complete to our Science Museum without a final stop in the Kid Zone.. No field-trippers here...you have to be under 7 (or accompanied by an under 7 year old). You head in at a specified time with a ticket ...then the doors are locked by the staff, and the kids are free to explore to their little heart's content. A true KING world if ever I saw one. (And the cadet even declared it cool...not bad for a high schooler). The theme of the area is "What I want to be when I grow up". The king has decided on multiple occupations after hanging out in the Kid Zone...

First up, somebody decided to hang out and be a Doctor. Doctor King..Doctor King...please report to the exam room.

He had a great time looking at X-rays, checking out his Mommy's heart, and passing the verdict to Mommy that "you sick mommy". He would make a great doctor...he kissed my cheek and declared me "all better"....plus he looked way too cute in the doctor coat and stethoscope!

Then it was time to head over to the bus to take a little spin and sing "the wheels on the bus" about 40 times. (Hit the button Mommy!).

Even his brother got in on the ride....doing the usual teenager thing on public transportation...sleeping!

The driver on the bus said "SIT DOWN PLEASE (MOMMY)"......but one mommy just had to take a close up of the cute bus driver!

Then the boys shared driving duties before heading off to the next "a-venture". The waterworks table. No pics there...way too wet for the camera...so you will have to again believe me that there were lots of giggles, and fun.

Before we left the area (it is open for 45 minutes), the king was off to drive the ambulance like his big cousin B in Virginia! He radio'd ahead, called the ER to explain the situation...(Brubby was the ER...in the Doctor's office behind the ambulance) and went "full lights and sirens" off to the hospital.

As you can see from the cadet's sign, it was "Fun 4 All" at the Science museum. The king got to touch stuff...the cadet got to try stuff...and all in all...they had a ball together.

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Carol P. said...

Thanks for the tour of your science museum. It looks pretty cool, and J, M, and E thought so too!