Post the Celebration

Post the Easter celebration with good food and friends....the King and Mrs. Oz took off to take in a late day AAA Minor League Baseball Game. Our local team was taking on the Mighty MudDucks of Toledo...

Twas COLD....and I mean COLD. (41 degrees and overcast at game start..which was 6:15...and as the sun dropped, it got colder).

The ballpark was sparsely populated, partially because of the Holiday, and mostly because of the ol' weather. Did I mention it was COLD?

We lasted six innings, and left with the home team up 13-1 on the Hens. The hens were having quite a bit of pitching problems (could you tell by the score?), and the home team went on to win 13-3. (Guess we shouldn't have put in the reliever!)

Did get to see a neat series of at bats by the local boys. A grand slam home run, followed in succession by two bases empty home runs. All was pitched by a relieving pitcher for the Hens....in the third inning. They had brought him in, because the starting pitcher was serving up Triples like he was working the drive-thru window at Wendy's!

I have to say..I had never seen six runs scored in three pitches. Nice! Of course..it wasn't easy to see anything...because of the scarf..and the durn COLD!

All in all, the Cadet and Mom had a good time though..enjoying each others' company..and hanging out in the ballpark!
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Carol P. said...

Looks like you had the ballpark to yourselves! And it looks like a good time too!

DF said...

Looks like you and the Cadet had a great time at the ball game. I was in Cinci on Wed 4/4 at the Reds/Cubs came where it snowed! Twas cold and windy.

Carol P. said...

Take me out of the ball game,
Take me out of the cold,
Post me some pictures of my kingly nephew,
And maybe a picture of the cadet or two!

Let me smile, smile, smile at the stories,
Or shake my head with dismay...
For it's
Times too long
That I've seen your local team play!