There are strange things afoot at the Circle K...

(Subject line referencing a line from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure of course!)

Silence is golden golden...okay, maybe not - but we indeed have been silent! The past week has brought a lot of work around the house (clearing out clutter to place our house on the market), lots of playing with the King, bringing up the swampy pool (again....for the house on the market piece), and lots of prayer, requests for intercession, and the like that we are heading down the right path.

We are looking at making some major changes in life right now. Wait, what am I saying..we ARE making major changes in life right now....no thinking about it. Trying to jump "off the merry go round and get life back on an even keel...keep us in your prayers that as we work through everything, we make decisions based on His will..rather than our own!

Just wanted you to know we are still here!

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meh said...

You're in our prayers and lots of love sent to you cuz!