Back in time

Earlier this afternoon, I put the King down for a nap on my bed, and I snagged a few minutes of "mommy" time laying with him, and reading a few pages of a book I have been trying to finish for about 3 months.

As many of you know, when Moms lay down to read for a few minutes while trying to get a toddler to nap, they often drop off to sleep as well. I think it is a hazard of the Mom job. After all, I had already accomplished 3 hours at the office, played mediator between the teenager and the toddler, puttered around the house, loaded the dishwasher, and the like. And it was only 12:30!

So off we both drifted into the land of nod. It was sheer bliss considering the sheer amount of running around of late!

I know that I slept hard. In fact, I even hit the dream state, although I can't tell you what I dreamed, just that I did. As I drifted awake gently, I smelled the distinct aroma of a cooking pot roast replete with carmelized onions. Potatoes? Definitely potatoes! It smelled so rich, and so - well - so right!

I gently opened my eyes to the blue walls of my bedroom of my youth, sighed and then thought "Yea! Mmmmm. Mom's making pot roast." I heard my stomach growl and I rolled over to look at the clock to see how long until dinner was ready. Bummer...it was only 3:00 p.m. An hour and a half until dinner.

Then I looked up to the ceiling and was surprised by the skylight above me. I spun my head back to the clock and it dawned on me that the clock was...well...in a bedroom painted white, and that there was a sleeping toddler next to me; a sleeping toddler who calls me Mom.

I sniffed the air again and was met with - nothing. No pot roast, and even more sadly, no Mom in the kitchen making dinner while I lazily took a nap in my bedroom.

I have to say...the roast would have been awesome for dinner, and while I wouldn't trade the King sleeping next to me for all of the gold in the world...truly having Mom at the dinner table would have made my nap just perfect.

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