Now we get "crazy busy"

Fun fun fun! Mr. Oz takes off tomorrow a.m. for his first stint at the Summer Camp. So there is purchasing and packing to do tonight. Then tis packing the house up in anticipation of a fast close. Good thing I have a strapping young 15 year old with strapping young 15 year old guy friends...who all love coming over to our house to be strapping young 15 year olds together. We will see how much they "love it" when their sweet and adorable "Mom" turns into a task master wielding Uhaul boxes, packing tape, and sharpies. LOL!

The inspection seemed to go well. We will find out today what they are looking for. Other than that..we may close very quickly! (Like in the next week or so!). Thanks God for that one! I also have an interview up there in a week for a Data Analyst/Webmaster Position. Sounds like fun fun fun! (Seriously...it sounds like fun!)

The King was pronounced well by his orthopedic Dr. yesterday...Monday evening he had wracked the same wrist he had broken earlier this year. I would have put good solid money on him having broken it again ...but thankfully, it was a bad sprain! The Princely cadet also sustained a bad "big toe" sprain last week. Can you tell we are in the midst of growth spurts here?

So that about sums us up....keep watching for more updates!

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