Y'all still with me?

Y'all still with me? I hope so! So the Oz family resides in Four States right now (with the boys each being at a sister in laws house 5 miles apart but in two different states!). The King is having an understandably difficult time, so his brubby went up to "pend the night" with him last night. I am sure my SIL was thrilled with how much the brubbies "loved" on each other.

And me...I am still in the old city, working out notice. It is killing me! The house had a glitch in the close, but will be closed tomorrow morning at 9:00. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well..and that I am finally DONE with the house obligations...at least on this end.

I sit exhausted, and missing my family terribly, but understand (unlike the King who is too little) that this is a temporary situation...it will all be over soon!

So...what's happening in your worlds-Since not much is going on here!


Carol P. said...

Not much here. Work and Girl Scout camp prep, mostly. It seems like when things go nuts, they'll go nuts all at the same time.

Hang in there -- every day is 24 hours closer to getting everybody back together in the same state.

DF said...

Yep, we are still with you. Good luck in the transition. Been there, done that.