Ahhhh....natural air conditioning!

I see that our old mid-south home is still in the grips and throws of a heatwave. But right now...we are enjoying a nice 63 degree evening with a very low relative humidity. The Air Conditioners are off...the windows are open...and we are enjoying the wonders of fresh air this evening.

No "high" temps until Tuesday or later.....then only a few more hot days....YEA!! I think I am going to like this place!


Carol P. said...

Sounds great! We woke up to 60 degrees in our bedroom on Thursday morning (had the fan running and the penguins were marching through). Since we haven't had highs much above 75 (and today's not supposed to make it above 70), the house doesn't quickly bounce back from such chilling.

We're supposed to have a return to summer later this week, with highs in the mid 80s where we belong. It's about time! I want to eat supper on the patio and read out there after the kids have gone to bed.

DF said...

I can trade both of you. We saw 104 on the van thermometer when delivering A to Tar Heel land and moving much junk. It was a little cooler yesterday when we delivered C to Sci and Math, only 96.