Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes....

Still unpacking boxes....only about 10 more to go. We have wayyyyy too much stuff. Still haven't found the real camera, so y'all will have to wait for "good pictures" of our new home - maybe that is okay though...perhaps by the time I find it, the boxes will all be put away and you can then see what the actual apartment looks like! LOL!

All is well here. The kids had a flu-ey kind of thing over the weekend. Massive joint aches, serious fever, but nothing more. Of course, since I don't have access at the apartment, I couldn't google it to find out what they were suffering from - but that's okay. We shall have the access soon enough (like FRIDAY..can you tell I am excited by the way I yelled FRIDAY!) - and I can cease to head into the nearest "big town" of 4K people to locate the ol' internet access via the Library!

Will see some of my blog readers this weekend for the upcoming wedding..looking forward to seeing everyone as it has been far too long (since Bob and Kira's wedding!) - here's hoping it isn't so scary hot that we are all "dyin".

So long for now...and probably for a couple of days, as I am pushing hard to complete the unpacking process before heading across the pike to visit the fam later this week.

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