I found the camera!!

I found the camera..just in time for the Cadet's second soccer game! YEA right? Yeah...right. It was also just in time to take this picture of the Cadet sleeping in my bed tonight. Why in my bed and not his barracks? Look closely...see the medical tape? See the blue item covering his arm? Yup....everybody sing to the MC Hammer Beat..."Its' plaster time....its plaster time".

One Cadet slipped and fell on the floor in gym class this morning....and...well...broke his wrist, as well as dislocated it. Sigh. Major pain meds....and major pain.......and he is becoming a major pain (just kidding ro...I luv ya!).

so..this qualifies him for the frequent flyer discount..I think. At least his deductible is satisfied for the year.

Hope your week is going better!
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