Perhaps more posts to come!

Well then.....things are beginning to settle down somewhat, and life seems to be returning slightly more "back to normal" (if there is such a thing!).

Since we last "updated", I have continued to unpack (I can see carpet in my front room), went on several second and one third interview, obtained a great posiotion (that starts Monday), found a wonderful daycare for the King, headed over to T-Town to enjoy my father's wedding to an incredible woman whom I am proud to have as a second "Mom", settled the Cadet into his routine over in his barracks, played the gracious Barracks Mom when the new cadets arrived yesterday, and so on and so on...sounds busy huh! It has been!

I will be starting my new position as described above on Monday. Since the offer came in late Tuesday afternoon, I had to do the daycare tours to ensure one King was placed in a care environment that he would thrive in. Amazingly enough, the first one that I found...was it! At least as far as the King was concerned! During all of the other facility tours, he kept asking me (none too quietly either!) if we could go back and he could play at his "new school"....too cute!

Will try to get more regular with the posts from here on out...I think we are finally settling in to "home"!

In the meantime...enjoy the few pics from the wedding this past weekend - compliments of my niece B!

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