Random Thoughts....

Yup! You guessed it! It is time for more Random Thoughts...by ...the Random Mrs. Oz! Why random thoughts? Because I have a nasty and killer cold right now that is causing me to not be able to think clearly or coherently! So here are random musings as they go through my head...

The Amish -

Wow...there are a LOT of amish here. Just have to start off by saying that!

Commuting with the Amish - The King and I (ooo that would be a good movie title!) pass no less than 20 buggies in the early morning on our way to work and school (early...meaning 6:00 a.m.!). On the way home? Well....we counted one day and gave up counting at 43 (okay, I gave up counting at 43, he gave up at around 18). Mr Oz's commute doesn't take him past any amish....he walks out the door and into his job. Niiiiice. Luckily, the roads are mostly traveled by Amish so I can easily and safely pass them. And the king likes to watch their buggies and horses...so......it's all good. (Plus, I know if my car gets into trouble, they are very friendly and helpful!)

Observing the Amish - One of the roads I travel to the office on is mostly populated by amish. For 7.5 miles, it is farm after farm. One of the things that I have observed is what amazing gardeners the women are. Farm house after farm house has stunning flower beds with explosions of petunias, incredible Moon Flowers (the size of a large dinner platter), and the like. There is not one weed patch to be found, and yet I never see them out in their flower gardens - I would love to know their trick! (I mostly see them out hanging laundry, or tilling their home veggie gardens..yet never messing with their flowers!). Each farm house and surrounding yards are neat as a pin - of course with the random toy here and there that signifies that a child lives there - I am truly envious!

My new job - Wouldn't you know it, one week into my new job I get a killer cold that seems to be moving towards pneumonia...but other than that, my new job is great! I have spent the last two weeks working on Human Resource issues and concerns, but will be jumping in with both feet on inventory, purchasing and AP/AR within the next few weeks. I think that I am already starting to make a difference and make my presence known (like payroll being distributed before the end of the day on Thursday....which is fine with Corporate, but never seemed to happen with the old HR person. The plant workers are very happy to get their checks before their lunch hour, and I am happy to get them off my desk - a win win all around!)

Our new home - Okay, so there are still boxes to unpack. With Mr. Oz putting in 16 hour days, and me on the hook with the King 24/7, it can be difficult...but I know that we will survive the boxes right??! Other than that, we are all enjoying our new locale. The King has 130 Brothers and 15 Sisters....all of whom (weirdly to my estimation) light up when the king enters the area. He loves to head "out into da barracks" to see his friends (the 5-8th graders), and they are continuously asking "Mrs. Oz, can I take LKey to (fill in the blanks with my room, the basketball court, the soccer field, the lounge, and so on and so on)" He has to hand out hugs to his 15 sisters at every meal (Lkey...come hug me!!) and he has made Battalion Staff as the S5 (which usually handles travel orders..but in his case...handles making the battalion staff laugh!). He is good at getting boys in trouble in formation by making them laugh, and he is good at turning a home sick kiddo into a smiling cadet. Can you tell he loves his new home??!

The Cadet - Ouch huh! Having put on about 7" in the last 12 months, the kid is obviously clumsy - his wrist hurts still, but not enough to take the pain killers anymore. He will get his permanent cast on Tuesday, and we will see then how long he will be casted. My bet (from me having done virtually the same thing when I was 11 in Girl Scouts!) is that it is 5 weeks. Sigh. He fractured one bone, dislocated and broke another....I am really getting used to seeing him in plaster..sadly. Perhaps when he gets his perma cast, the Dr will put on a waterproof one that will allow him to shower without a sleeve! Keep your fingers crossed!

Final Random Thoughts....
Late summer colds stink. This one is getting the best of me - perhaps I will sign the Cadet out on pass and make him come over and watch his little brother while I get some sleep today!

Yea Labor Day weekend! Three days off to do what I want. Okay, so it probably should be unpacking, but the reality will most likely be...doing a big fat lot of NOTHING!

The Weather outside is Frightful(ly gorgeous!!)! Wow...50 degree overnights, 75 degree afternoons with no humidity...now THIS is heaven!

and finally....sorry for the length between postings. Chasing the King around, getting the Cadet settled, then mom'ing him after his injury, supporting the school sports teams, commuting between 6:00 a.m and 4:30 p.m., being a visible Mom to 47 5th-8th graders, looking for and obtaining a job, finding a preschool for the King, and unpacking (everyso often!) along with fighting this cold has been just about more than I can handle! Life will hit a routine soon...and then you can watch us as we wander through it!

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