Sneaking back in for a minute....

Sneaking back in for a minute to say...HEY.....we are here (but there isn't a whole lot of internet connectivity yet...so I am sitting in the local library using their computers...and much to the Cadet's chagrin....he is sitting here too..totally myspace-less...as they block myspace at this particular library!)

So what have I been doing since arriving last Friday? A Whole lot of unpacking, rearranging, and the like!

Sorry for the poor quality photos..that is what you get when you take pics with a camera phone.but here is what my world looks like right now!

Welcome to the living room, and the kitchen! See..barely enough room to move much in these two rooms! (For those familiar with our old house, the living room is about the size of the great room...scary huh....that we have that much crap!)

My employment hunt seems to be cooking along - I have had several second interviews, and I know for certain that one of the employer's has checked my references (This morning!). Of course, that could also be why there is so many boxes left to unpack. So suffice it to say that all is going well in the northern tri-state region!! Oh..except that it is hotter than blazes....and the two window A/C units...well..they aren't all that wonderful....so perhaps THAT is why there are also so many durn boxes left! LOL

Until next time!

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