A pretty fall day with lots to do!

Saturday was a pretty fall day - crisp, clean air with a chill...and with a ton of errands and fun things to do! The King and I spent the early morning making our lists...mine was full of the usual Saturday Morning errand type things, his was full of blowing out the candles (which I had burning in the living room) and heading to the park. (Okay, who's got their priorities straight..sounds like the king huh!).

Anyway, off we headed to accomplish a lot on Mom's list (which I promise you included some fun things too!). First to the bank, then the gas station, then the library to return books and check out some new reading material for both the Momma and the King. Then it was off to Wally World to pick up a few needs, a stop at home to drop off our purchases and books.

Next up, a home soccer game in the field behind our apartment! Yea! First fun thing for the King!

As we arrived at the field, the king came across one of his favorite lower schoolers. M and the King spent the next twenty minutes blasting off in their rocket ship chair, and chasing aliens around the soccer sidelines.

Mom, of course, noted that her favorite uppershooler was patiently sitting on the bench recording what ever it is a team manager (his new position since the addition of the bright green cast) in soccer records on a yellow tablet. (I really have to learn this game huh - the cute sophomore is sitting between #15 and the gent with the black hoodie)

Of course (see the amish posting below), I just couldn't resist taking this picture of the setup for a corner kick...not because the kids on the field were doing something extraordinary, but because of the buggy passing in the background. It truly can be a study in contrasts sometime!

After spending an hour at the soccer game (which my soccer like family members know means that we watched about 20 clocked minutes of a half), the king and I crossed "soccer game" off our list and headed over to the town square for its annual festival and parade. Of course the first thing the King notices? Yeah...you parents know what I am talking about!

The Bounce House! Whooooo hoooooooo! Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy. The funny thing? The king crossed "park" off of his list upon arriving back at the car...because he considered the bouncy house the best park ever! (Yea for Mom...no side trip to the Air-pa-pane slide!)

After bouncing and a quick trip to get a face painting, it was time for the town parade. Somebody was wayyyyy ready for the parade, sitting quietly and patiently waiting with his friends from the School!

(Watching for the parade to come down the road is wayyyyy better than watching Mom with a camera!)

A huge hit for the king was the passing of the Firetrucks in the parade. Hmmm...three year old boy, 10 fire trucks and pumpers with lights and sirens blazing....never made the connection!

But of course...one of his favorite parade things was the passing of...you guessed it....His "FENDS"
Only a portion of the Corps was available as there was a Lower School Cross Country meet 2 hours away, and the Upper School Soccer game was still going on, and this was the first open weekend that the Cadets were able to go home on Merit Weekends....but the King was impressed none the less and saw all of his buds pass in review of the parade route.

Post parade, the king and I headed back home to catch some lunch and a nap before hitting our list hard again. Sadly, the remainder of this fall day fell victim to a little guy holding his ear (upon waking from nap) and saying "I cold mommy"...which meant really (you know this moms don't ya)..that he was running a fever. Homebound for the rest of the day. Sigh.

The good news is..I only lost about an hour and a half of sleep overnight to Mr. Fever....which is wayyy better than a whole nights sleep! This morning...he is still sleeping, and I am trying to accomplish a few of the home things that were on yesterday's list before Mr. Fever wakes up. (He is still running one...but no medicine until he wakes up naturally!).

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meh said...

OK you did that all in ONE day? Wow you do know how to pack it in. Thanks for taking us along!!