"Punch and Run"

Yet another "random thoughts" blog posting...most likely shorter though as I am exhausted...

"Good Afternoon, How May I help you?" - Said by the King, as he was talking into the play phone at the Dr's office while we were awaiting my call back to see the Doc for this nasty cold. Caused quite a few heads to turn in the waiting room as it was said so very clearly, distinctly, and quite obviously by a three year old! My head turned too...didn't know he knew the "polite way to get back to a caller on hold" - too funny.

The Pledge of Allegiance (Also in the Doctor's office) - I got to catch up on my Woman's Day reading. From the Sept 1 issue, writer Paula Spencer discusses the Pledge of Allegiance, and that North Carolina has begun requiring their public school kids to begin their day with it. She discusses the note home from school and her response in this excerpt:

"Teachers have talked with their classes about the fact that not all students may wish to say the Pledge, for a variety of different reasons…We ask that you also have a conversation with your child about your family’s approach to the Pledge, and if you wish for your child not to recite it, please let them know…"

Discuss my "approach"? Face Old Glory when the teacher tells you to, right hand over your heart.

Can I get an AMEN Sister Paula Spencer from the crowd? Her approach is very similar to my approach, and that of my father as well. "Approach?" What freaking approach? You are told to do something by a teacher and your school, so just freaking DO IT. Amen Ms. Spencer. (Oh..and my "boys" here at home sweet home..all 135+ of them, along with my 15 girls....they all start the day with the Pledge..no stupid questions asked. You can pledge...or you can push (up)...your choice).

And Finally....

Sinus Infection, Bronchitis, and a mild case of exhaustion...yeah buddy...when I do it..I do it right! Thanks to the Dr in Amish Land about 8 miles from us (those who have been there will know what AmishLand I am talking about...great place to "amish" shop, and hit a flea market) for the great medicines...I should be on the mend soon, and the cough syrup he was so kind to prescribe...well...it should help with the exhaustion as it is a real "kicker". Only two more working days of about 12-14 hours each at the office and the weekend will be here (oh wait..I have to go in on Sunday too..crap).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joycie!Here on post you get a ticket if you do not pull over at reverie..I'm with your dad, what freakin' choice???Do what's right!Our boys and girls give their lives to defend your right to choose, so choose to respect hem for it. Hope your cold's geting better!