Still not feeling

I did indeed manage to get the cadet over to the house yesterday to watch the King so that I could nap - which I did for almost four hours - and although I am not totally "healed", the nap surely did me very well and gave me a little more energy to face the King and his boundless "joy for life" (a really nice way of saying "boundless getting into everything!!).

Post nap, I took the boys off to pizza hut (or Pizza Hunt as the King says...which of course makes the Cadet laugh and laugh), then one young King plead his case with his big brother to have another trip to the park. There is a slide there that the King calls "the air-pa-plane slide" that the king was dying to ride, yet the height of the slide scared him silly the other night. In previous trips to the park, he had no issues with the slide - as long as his brother was going up the stairs with him (the slide is easily 25 ft). After pleading for about 3 miles in the car, the Cadet relented...and off to the park we went.

The king was very happy to have an escort to the top of the air-pa-plane slide...and here they are ready to head down.

Then it was time to race a little on the small racing slides (about 4 ft. long!). As you can tell, the boys enjoyed their time at the park with each other (despite the Cadet's arm!).

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