Kids are funny

On our travels home this afternoon, we passed the usual gazillion buggies. As we came up on one, I heard the distinct sound of a Bob and Tom Song coming from the back seat. It seems the King "never made the connection" until today and was singing "Orange Triangles" (by the Electric Amish). If you are Bob and Tom savvy, you are rolling right now (both to the reference of Orange Triangles, and to the never made the connection reference!) And in case you aren't savvy (and good for you if you arent!) here is a taste of the King's song in lyric form:

Orange Triangles Orange Triangles
Every Where I Go
Orange Triangles Orange Triangles
That means I drive slow.
Look at Barry, Graeber and Karl,
Causing that big Traffic Snarl
But if I drive a heathen Car
I'll Burn in H*ll Below........

Iiiiffffff I could drive
I'd leave this world behind
And the orange triangles looking back at me

Orange Triangles, Orange Triangles
All through Nappanee
Orange Triangles, Orange Triangles
The Speed Limit is three....

and so on....

T'was funny...in a sad sad way. (Oh..and Cadet...if you are reading this, and I know you are from the barracks...I blame you for him even knowing the words to the song! Thank goodness it wasn't the Beer Run Song...that's all I gotta say!)

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