Long day..but fun!

Shorty McShort Shorts (aka the King) and I spend a loooooong Saturday heading over to Toledo to visit family, welcome Baby T to the family, etc. After plowing through some of my usual weekend chores, we took off at noon to head over to a family shower hosted by Baby T's Grandma and Great Aunts on his Grandma's side. Shorty enjoyed the Party, enjoying hanging out with Uncle R, enjoyed hanging out with AJ (who is now an aunt..which blows me away!), thoroughly enjoyed seeing Grandpa F and Grandma D, and in general, enjoyed creating the havoc that only an active three year old boy can create!

These two are DEFINITELY up to something.......but isn't that what cousins are for??!

The newest Aunt in the family with her nephew...Aunt AJ!!

Totally cute cake made by my SIL J, she is way toooo creative!

Great Grandpa F meets his first great grandchild....

Grandpa F proving that not only is T great...but the grandaughter that T call's Mommy
is pretty great too! (Sorry, the son was STREAMING in the window!)

Then it was off to Shorty's Grandma W's house to visit for her birthday! Hung out there and helped her noodle an idea for a pumpkin contest she is in at work......then back home....arriving home at 10:30. Shorty is still awake and watching his shows....(Playhouse Disney "The Good Night show"....so will close by saying one more thing to my siblings, hubby and son....

HA......I got to hold him first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(not my favorite pic of me...but the lil punkin is pretty durn cute!!!)


Carol P. said...

Thanks for the pics! Wish I was there too! And B, you look fabulous for somebody with such a tiny baby!

And in the last picture, T is staring at you, so I hope you looked back at him and played the "sticking out your tongue" game. Though I'm sure his great grandpa did played the game bunches of times!

meh said...

Awesome photos - and I think you look GREAT! (As does the mommy - hard to believe she is a MOMMY)