Nothing like a little driving wakeup call!

Nothing like a little driving wakeup call...and me with only a half a cup o' coffee in me!

Heading out one of the local state roads, I managed to come across a herd of migrating deer (about 20 in the "Pack"). Luckily, the one who decided to commit Hari Kari in front of my car was a young doe (probably a baby in the spring). Doesn't appear to be any damage (other than it appears that young Miss Deer realigned my front end for me as my steering wheel now drives straight - was planning on getting an alignment this coming weekend!), but will have to await the rising of the sun to see if I can see anything further.

Nothing like catching the moving pack too late to come to a complete stop...but I did manage to come down from 55 mph to about 25 mph before "smokin" the (now) roadkill.

Sigh...happy Monday all!


Carol P. said...

Glad you're OK, even if YOU KILLED BAMBI!

DF said...

The club now has a new member. I smoked a 75pound deer with my WV Fox when we lived in Charleston, SC. Scared the heck out of me, n ruined his day. Glad you and the King are OK.