Silence = Busy = All's Quiet on the Western Front!

Can you tell all is quiet on the western front? Can you tell we are busy? Yeah, I thought so!

Since my last post...let's see:

1. I have gone through quarterly inventory and reconciliation at the office
2. I have continued to unpack (yesterday mostly, as Mr. Oz was actually off on a weekend day that would allow me to have him watch the King while I had some uninterrupted time!)
3. I have investigated, purchased, and had delivered a washer and dryer...so now am trying to catch up on Laundry before it eats us alive!
4. Have participated in Founders Weekend including Bake Sale, Soccer Game watching, formal dinner and ball.
5. Have found a great meat store (civiliation - they have Ham Loaf...right there in the case....just for the asking!!!!)
6. Mr. Oz and I celebrated 19 years o'marriage...

and on and on and on (read more mundane things like cleaning a few carpets, washing dishes, triaging cars, playing with the King, harrasing the Cadet..you know...the typical stuff!).

So silence on the blog in this case does mean we have been busy....but that is a good thing, because that makes it all quiet....which is all right!


Carol P. said...

Sounds busy. But ahem, if you're on the western front, I'm where???

DF said...

Happy birthday sis!

Carol P. said...

Happy Birthday! I was just coming here to say the same thing, but df beat me to it!

DF said...

For J, it is the Midwestern Front.