Weird how it works...

Today's commute took a little longer...weird how that works - am a little gun shy as I drive across the backroads of our new abode now that the farmers have cut the corn fields down and the deer are trying to outrun hunters in Hunting season! I think the folks that got "stuck" behind me were a little miffed, but hey, they arrived at their destination safe and sound so perhaps they need to rethink riding my bumper, in the rain, across roads where deer roam. Heck, the Speed Limit is 50 and I was going 48...so....TOUGH NOUGIES right? LOL! (Of course, I used to be one of those drivers hitting the almost 60 mph mark before yesterday, but hey!

In case you wondered, the "Once there's sunlight damage" count is a slightly damaged hood, a slightly pushed in grill, and a now aligned front end (which Mr. Oz tells mean means Miss Dear probably "bent something" - hey...I am a bury your head in the sand kinda girl...the car drives straight, so must be fixed! LOL). Oh, and the rattle of my Catalytic Converter Cover that started when I hydroplaned through a puddle about a month ago is gone. The cover isn't gone..just the rattle. I tell ya, the commute up here is dangerous! (Or is it just me??!)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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