Witches and goblins

Tis the night for witches and goblins, and perhaps even the littlest pirate to steal glorious bounty in the form of sweets and treats.

After dinner mess, one young Shorty McShort Beard wandered out amongst the ghosts and goblins around his home, and sailed right into the land of sugar shock; of course, provided by the cadets he loves to "pay with". Off he went to plunder the likes of Echo (his brother's company!) and Alpha where his "sisters" live.

First stop? His brother's room! Where he not only picked up candy..he picked up an escort too!

Then the two Oz boys were off to loot the barracks...getting a few scares along the way.

Five pounds of candy later, one young pirate boarded his ship and off he went to find more loot with the girls. And what glorious loot it was! Candy, candy, candy, and more candy! Shorty Mc Short Beard truly enjoyed his venture into the world of the girls; thoroughly enjoying their lounge decorating endeavors. See, there is a pizza party in it for the best decorated lounge, and the girls really outdid themselves (and quite frankly, everyone else!) this year. Everywhere you looked, there was a new scary feast for the eyes! And Short Beard was all about it! So much so, that he had to get his picture taken in front of their barracks after trick or treating!

As we were leaving, we were surprised to find a friend that we knew hanging out in the bushes. Can YOU figure out who it is? Look closely!

Did you look close enough? You may need to click on the pic..but he is named very clearly on his skull. Could it be?
It is! The girls corralled Captain Oz!! And parboiled him before putting him in the bush! Amazing!

Thus Halloween 2007 was in the books. Much different than in years past where the kids would hit up the neighbors, but much neater in that Shorty got to hit up, well, friends!

(Thanks Echo Guys and Alpha Girls for making a three year old trick or treater's night!!)

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meh said...

Awesome photos and costumes and decorations. Glad Mr. Shorty had a great time. Sorry to hear about Mr. Oz. Got to watch out for those crazy Halloween girls....