"Cuz ya had a good week"

One cadet had a seemingly great week! He was definitely due after having a really rough 10 months I guess!

Any guesses what this is??

Tis a card that sits on his door in the barracks and indicates that he is Honors. That gives special privileges (like "stay backs" from mess where he can eat in the canteen rather than the mess hall on certain days), and in general the admiration of his parents because he finally cracked the honor roll for the first time in high school! Way to go Cadet!

Continuing on in the "way to go" cadet vein, he was promoted to Corporal today (which has been a long time in coming!)

Good job Cadet - Mom, Dad, and the King are WAYYYYYY proud of you!


DF said...

No injuries, honors and promotion???? Great job HO! See you at Thanksgiving.

JO said...

Amazing huh! Yeah....let's see if he can make it through tonights match without an injury! LOL!