I laughed...

I laughed at my sister's consternation on purchasing Christmas Decoration fixins over at the Casa De Duckfeet. Never one to plan early Sis?

Now me on the other hand, I have been busily preparing for the Christmas Holiday in the hopes to not stress so dang much in the month of December. Flylady is helping me cruise through the Holidays and so far it seems to be making a difference. We will see though when December 20th rolls around huh! While I haven't done everything she has suggested, I have accomplished: getting about 1/2 of my christmas presents purchased (and wrapped too!), purchasing some new holiday decorations awaiting hanging just after Thanksgiving compliments of some cool stuff I found at the ol' Dollar Tree, getting my year-end family brag-fest newsletter almost complete and ready for printing (okay, so it isn't a brag fest, but most folks view holiday newsletters as one right??!), planning a Christmas Cookie exchange with invitations going out the Friday after Thanksgiving, noodling and planning several holiday events to attend with the King, identifying the remaining decorations in the storage area ready for collecting the Friday after Thanksgiving.

And all of this while planning a Thanksgiving dinner for 48 hungry 5-8th graders (and 2 Hungry TAC officers, along with a random Sophmore or two, and a three year old) this Saturday (in lieu of 3rd Mess!) compliments of Mrs. Oz to wish them Happy Thanksgiving before they depart for break early next week.

Celebratin' the season (Thanksgiving) while plannin' for the one behind it. Yea Me! (Okay, so that is a total pat on the back by me for me - we all deserve to do it once in a while though right? I just better be sure that I don't break my arm doing it - the Cadet would never let me forget that!).


Carol P. said...

Woohooo, go Mrs. Oz! Glad you're FLYing!

I have started Christmas shopping and Christmas planning. I know what activities we're going to do, and a general idea of when. Some of the outdoor ones are weather-dependent (I ain't traipsin' through the zoo for ZooLights if it's 35 degrees and raining sideways y'know?). I also don't have J's complete dance program schedule yet.

And I never manage to get cards out before Christmas somehow, but hey, at least my cards stand out that way (vbg). I have no idea what to say in a Holiday note. I'm too wordy or something, I guess.

Really, it's the whole "buying" and "decorating" before Christmas that's a problem. My own personal revolt against materialism (or something like that).

But in the past couple of years, our Christmas Crafts haven't been quite so central to the decorations and required so early in the season as is the case this year. That kind of tipped my hand, much as I hate to do it.

The best planned Christmas I ever had was the the one before M was born. She was due in mid-Jan, and I didn't want to be house-sized pregnant and standing in Christmas lines with a newly potty-training 2.5YO, or walking 20 miles from the parking lot hinterlands in a December rainstorm. All shopping was done before Thanksgiving that year, and I don't think I set foot in a mall other than to have J buy S his present and to check out the lights and decorations once.

meh said...

All right, OK, knock it off you two. You're killing me. It's Friday night at 11pm and I am still at work. Tomorrow at the crack of dawn, somehow my bag will be miraculously packed (despite the dirty laundry piled up in my room right now) and I'll go get Sh from a friend's where we'll zoom off to a soccer tournament for the weekend - b/c somehow I volunteered to chaperone. Meanwhile I skidded to a stop at the baby shower at work today (with Sh in tow b/c she had no school and we were on the way to the friend's) and realized I forgot the shower gift for the shower I suggested but never got around to planning (glad someone else at work had time).

I have given a lot of thought to Christmas. I love Christmas. I have no shame in decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. If I had time. Which I don't. And the only plans I have are for, well, work. I'm hoping to have the kids and a free weekend all at the same time in early Dec to go chop down a tree (hopefully we'll have time to go farther than the neighbor's yard to do so...they might get mad...) And what's funny is this is the year I was going to decorate EARLY b/c I COULD (no one else to complain that it's too early). Ha ha joke's on me.

And actual gift shopping? With the new "family" arrangements, I don't even know who is on my LIST!

So quit making me feel bad with your organizing and cleaning! Or at least come on over and get started at my place!