Random Musings....

Totally random musings, as I am thoroughly exhausted for some reason.

  • No snow accumulations, but it did indeed snow - several times over the past 48 hours. Guess winter is coming fast, or at least faster than I would like. (Perhaps it could hold off until...May '08? I have an opening on my winter calendar for then!)

  • It struck me on my way home tonight - I came from a state where horses are bred largely in part to win races (they call themselves the Horse Capital of the world), and I now live amongst and pass on the road far more horses than I could ever want to count. Of course these horses are bred in large part to work, and live longer more healthy lives. From one "horse capital" to another...it just seems odd.

  • Entering the toll road at a Plaza West of us (you know - near that bigger city with the University that has God on their side in Football?) I was surprised to hear the new toll booth ticket dispenser talking - "Please take Ticket". Okay, so it is ADA compliant? Fast Fact - If you are blind, and need a talking electronic ticket pusher to know when the ticket is dispensed...please don't get on the turnpike - at least not in front or behind me.

  • Same toll plaza...different musing. "Please Take Ticket" the woman's voice said. With a freaking Arabic accent. Um, I am in middle America (it doesn't get more Midwest than the Indiana Toll Road my friends). Maybe I am just tire and crankyd, but don't we have men and women dying half a world away in Arab Lands...and yet my electronic ticket pusher here in the midwest is the one with the arabic accent? Sigh.

    Oh, and memo to folks who recorded the phrase after you take a ticket - "Safe Drive" in an arabic female accent makes it sound even more like it is a foreign country where they doesn't speak english. Niiiiiiiice. I guess that is what you get when your State sells your turnpike to the highest bidder. Who bought it...7-Eleven? (Okay, that was snipey, but seriously.....FREAKIN SERIOUSLY)

Until next time folks, when hopefully I can update you on grades, kids, kids grades - you know, the usual!

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