We ain't in Kentucky anymore......

Lovely fall weather we are having in our new abode - nice 50+ degree days, pretty leaves. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow? Um...FREAKING SNOW. Yeah, we aren't in the midsouth anymore, where folks pray for snow for Christmas. And thanksgiving is still just under three weeks away.

(Thankfully the ground is still warm enough that I am sure it will melt).

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Carol P. said...

Hehehe, we had our October reversed and got rain/mtn snow in the first part. It's mostly all melted below 6Kft now, and we've had sunny and upper 50s - mid 60s for 2 weeks or so now.

It's all supposed to change later this week, when we get a storm coming in on Thursday or Friday. I haven't yet heard whether this is the beginning of our autumn rains, but I hope so.

Still and all, we don't usually get snow down in the valley here 'til later, and it doesn't last very long at all before we get a warm storm and the rain melts it all.

Certain duckfeeters want to go skiing over the Thanksgiving holiday, so it had better start snowing soon up in the Cascades.