Christmas Morning

(Xmas Eve Pics will have to wait until tonight, as I only dumped one card!)

Christmas Morning Dawned as Christmas mornings do! The boys each eagerly determined that Santa did indeed believe that they had been good this year (although Santa did consider leaving the Cadet a roll or two of casting plaster..just for Grins!). Each of the three boys (because at Christmas Time, even Mr. Oz becomes a boy!) had their favorite gifts and I will share a few of them with you via the following pics taken by MY favorite gift - a new 8MP camera! (Okay, I am weird. Most folks put a high end digital SLR camera on their "wish list" for Christmas...I wanted a small regular digital camera because I am tired of hauling a camera bag around to take pics. I wanted one that would fit in my purse, but still had the quality level of Mr. Oz's digital SLR - without the bulk!).

Here is Mr. Oz enjoying his new Bose On Ear Headphones - just the right accessory for his Zune, and an easy way to block out the noise of electronic toys at Christmas!

You've seen them on TV...you've heard about them..and here they are! The "Perfect Pushup". One cadet wanted them...and Santa was nice enough to deliver them. I will tell ya - these things will kick your butt!! The Cadet is pretty good at them though (although there wasn't enough room for him to fully stretch out with all of the gifts in the living room on Christmas Morning!). He can knock off about 20-30...but he is feeling it at about 10! Normally it is nothin for this kid to hit 50 or more!

And of course then there is the King! (Whom Santa thought was VERY good!)

He still is a big ol' Hockey Playin Fan...so of course he had to get the Hockey Player Poundem for shooting pucks!

I will have to tell you that the game he is riding on above is not only HIS favorite gift....but is a fave of Mom's everywhere! Its a stationary bike that has riding video games (collect the alphabet, collect the numbers and the like). He LOVES it, and it is exercise to boot! Fisher Price was a genius to come up with this one!

What three year old boy doesn't imagine themself to be Bob the Builder or Hanny Manny? Well - I haven't met one yet. Here is the King with his My First Craftsman - just lookin for something to fix for Mommy!

Finally, one of the King's favorites is this car track that loops and shoots the car through. Tools, bike, and Cars..that about sums up the king's Christmas! (Oh..and a "Cockadoodle Rainbow Mat" which for those non-toddler moms means "Aqua Doodle Rainbow Mat"...the final fave..but no pictures of it...again..on the other picture card from the behemoth Digital SLR!!)


Carol P. said...

Great Pics, and looks like fun! Can the cadet come out here and show J how to do pushups?

What kind of camera did you get? I get so much use out of my little point and shoot, just because it's always with me. It fits in my purse or pocket, and takes pretty good pictures. I figure the high-quality picture that I didn't take because I didn't have the fancy camera is worth much better than the pretty-good picture I took with the camera that's always with me.

Merry Christmas!

JO said...

I got an HP (You're welcome!) Photosmart MZ67V - the pic quality is really better than the DSLR Minolta we have (8 MP vs. 5 MP), and the anti-shake feature is good for me....(I always have blurry pics because my hands shake ever so slightly). Actually, I like the colorization and ease of this way better than the "Big Gun". It is a great camera for under 150 bucks...and has a 6x optical zoom (vs. many in this price range that only have 3x).

Carol P. said...

Thanks! Glad you like it! Does it have the slimming option?? Oh, and I was reading somewhere that someone had her auto-correct-redeye setting on and it corrected the red-hots in her Christmas gingerbread man cookies. So watch out....

Here's hoping this posts. I tried earlier today and blogger went gzork and swallowed my post.