If its December, its time for.....

Cute little ones holiday happenings! And the King truly did not disappoint last night. Appointed a horsey in his pre-schools Christmas Play (and yes...it was a Christmas play and included songs like "Happy Birthday Jesus", Baa Baa Bop (a cute sheep song) and the like.

I have to admit..he suerly made an adorable horsey!

The King sang Loud and Proud for every song....okay...so it is a faison trait (the Lord gave me this voice...and I am gonna make sure he hears it!), ...way cute! (As were the shepards, and many other animals!) If these next few pics had sound...you would truly be smiling!

He even managed to be in the stable when Mary and Joseph were with the Baby Jesus. And as you can tell..he was very proud of that fact too!

It was an extraordinarily long day for the King (he and I leave before 6:00 a.m every morning, and we weren't able to make it home yesterday before the 7:00 p.m. start time of the program as the distance would have been too great), so I was very proud of him for making it through the 45 minute performance still smiling (you moms out there know what I am talking about)! Then it was of to the car for a 45 minute ride home....then to bed (for the both of us!).

In the words of one young King/Horsey "Do you think Jesus liked our show?" Yup little one..He sure did! (And Mom did too!)
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Carol P. said...

Cute! One thing I miss about not having a preschooler any more is the preschool shows and plays!

DF said...

All those smiles were great!

meh said...

Too cute for words!!