It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas

Greetings! Woke up this morning and was welcomed back to the north with the following view right outside my front door!

Seems mother nature decided to dump between 10 and 11" of snow on us. Must be her weekend to decorate for Christmas! As you can clearly see, SOMEBODY had to head out and try to dig out a car or two.....and that somebody was ME!

In an effort to show you exactly how much of the white stuff had fallen, and how much it had drifted, here is the area after I shoveled out around the car. Note that I didn't shovel at ALL between the car and the van that you see here. This is all drifted snow!

Here is the overhang on the building that you see above. Pretty cool huh!

So basically, we cocooned today to allow the crews to get the roads cleared....and truly enjoyed the family time. After all...we haven't seen snow like that in a LONG LONG LONG time. (And the King had NEVER seen snow like that!).

Thank's mother nature....just make sure your minions here on earth get it cleared up before I have to commute to the office tomorrow!
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Carol P. said...

It's a marshmallow world in the winter!

Thanks for the snow-pics. Glad The Cadet and Prince are enjoying the snow and you're coping just fine...

We don't usually get that kind of snow in the Willamette Valley. That's why we head over to Sunriver which is up at 4000 feet.