Playin in the Snow!

Post "Nap" (which started fairly late), the King convinced his big bother to go outside and shovel the snow. The King had decided that the shoveling Mrs. Oz did earlier in the day to get the car out looked pretty fun, so he wanted to "help".

So on went the snow pants (for the King) the hats the gloves and out they went to dig in the drifts. As you can see, it was still snowing!

Thought I would share a pic of the drift hanging off the roof near our door. Pretty cool huh!

So they played and played...and I went in (cuz I was cold!). After staying out there for about 45 minutes, they came in full of stories of building tunnels, climbing through them..and having fun. Nice to have this kind of snow...on a sunday (rather than me having to drive through it!)

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