-2, 1, 7....

Ooooo baby its cold outside! Went to bed last night and it was 1 degree, this morning dawned at a balmy -2, and we hit a high of 7! Add to that a light snowfall from two days ago..and you have "crunchy snow" underfoot and under tire! If you have spent any time in the North, you will now what I am talking about when I say "crunchy snow". It is that snow that squeaks under your tires, and underfoot - sounding like nails on a chalkboard to most!

Pray for us that the warmer temps scheduled for tomorrow (21 degree high and 15 degree lows) actually arrives..because after two plus days of this, I am tired of it and ready to head south!


Carol P. said...

Brrrrrrrr! It's cold out here, supposedly the coldest in 4 years. Temps in the teens for lows and barely making freezing for highs. But the sun is shining gloriously and the skies are crystal clear. Later today when we head down to run some errands, I'm sure we'll see The Mountain out.

Which, in the winter, means it's a Good Day.

DF said...

Gotta love global warming!