Back to "normal"

Little by little the kids came back today, so little by little life will begin to return to normal! (Meaning, the retraining of the King will commence at 0530 tomorrow when he is awakened to get ready for school for the first time since before Christmas!!).

The King was glad to get his best friends back....and enjoyed watching them (and his brother in the upper corner of the pic) playing video games in the Lounge.

Then of course it was time to take the Cadet back to his barracks. Here is the requisite "MOOOOOOOMMMMM he is BEATING me shot"....it seems whenever I want to take a picture of the boys together..they have to be "evil" to each other before settling in nicely!

See..they DO love each other! (Even if it is under duress, tee hee!)

Oh..and that big ol' snowfall earlier this week? It was no match for the temps yesterday (42 degrees) and today (60 degrees!). Welcome to the North, where you can see single digit (4 degrees on Wednesday) and spring-like climes all within 96 hours!

Here is what remains from the gi-NORMOUS piles of snow you saw in previous pics! This is a portion that had been plowed up against our apartment. In fact, you can still see where the limestone face had absorbed the melting water...yes, the snow was right under the window sills!
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