It must be political season!

I can tell it is the political season in the US, because the English language is again under assault with made up words. Did you know that "Healthcare and the war in Iraq have all been subsumed in the debate"? Really! Subsumed? Interesting. Unfortunately, this pundit decided to to couch this new addition in such a way that Miriam-Webster will have no idea what he is talking about! ("When it comes to the issues, Healthcare and the War in Iraq have all been subsumed in the debates by the candidates.").

For fun, I have decided to start my own made up word of the day. Perhaps it too can enter the political fray with pundits (or even candidates!).

Today's word is "Mildcare". The definition will be as follows: "Verb: The "Uh-Huh's provided to a child by his or her parents, when the child has prattled on incessantly for the last 20 minutes about absolutely nothing, but expects the parents to be fully engaged". Use it in a sentence? Okay! "Hang on a Minute Mr. Political Telemarketer, I have to mildcare for a moment - "Uh Huh, yeah, Uh-Huh" - Okay, go ahead?"

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