A quick "catch up" post!

Have been extraordinarily busy at home and at work since late Sunday, so will dash off a quick catchup post!

Sunday saw the advent of something......can you figure out what this is?

It is the King..his Brother and Friend..exiting the movie theatre in a nearby town. (Look for the Orange Coat!!). The King went to his very first movie ever...Alvin and the Chipmunks. He proclaimed it "awesome"...ate the BIG popcorn that his brother bought him and also gulped down a King size Mountain Dew. (Okay..so that would be where his brother lost it huh!) He was all over the movie experice, and has decided this needs to be a regular experience for him!

Upon arriving back at the barracks, the boys wanted to prove that they indeed could be "nice" for a final photo. Of course..they were full of movie fun!

Can you figure out why the Cadet looks so dejected in this picture? Simple. He wrestles 119 (121 after the holiday break as they get two pounds after the holidays) and during weigh in at tonights wrestling match between the school and its rival (4 miles away)....somebody weighed 121.8. Guess what that means. No wrestling for him! So here is the saddened wrestler....dejected and sitting on the bench. This is the first time he has never made weight. It killed him.

But shhhhh..don't tell him...but I seriously think he grew about a half an inch in the last couple of weeks..which may be why he is having difficulty maintaining his weight in the last couple of weeks.. It puts him just under my height...with about 4-5 more inches (most likely) left to grow. He just thinks he's "fat" (there isn't an ounce of fat on him) and that life is unfair. (Wait...doesn't that mean he is a teenager??!).

Sigh....only three more weeks of wrestling - and then it is baseball time - where his coach could care less how much he weighs!!

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