Weather Whine (Part Deux)

(Over on my big sis' blog she has a weather whine. Perhaps the two of us can get some cheese to go with it?)

Weather that goes from 60 to 5, with wind chills dropping in the -20s stinks! Just so you know. That was what happened around the Merry Land of Oz within the last 48 hours! Add to it that we are expecting anywhere from 6-18" (I know..big spread) of snow over the next 48 hours, and you can clearly see (through the blowing and drifting of course) why I am whining!

I WANT SPRING! (Oh, and remind me of this post in August when I am complaining about 100+ degree days will ya??)

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Carol P. said...

When it's 100 degrees out, I'm still wishing for spring... Highs in the 50s, intermittent showers. Sounds perfect this time of year and in hot, dry high summer!

At least I don't have to deal with your kind of cold....

If this be winter, can spring be far behind?