67.5". That is the recorded snow total so far this year for our area. Seems like a lot huh?! Yet it is only 2" above "normal" for this time of year. (Of course, it didn't take into account the 8" of snow that fell yesterday).

Folks around here are kvetching that "this winter is more snowy than normal", so the weathercasters have decided to prove that it isn't. (Okay...so now it probably is right??). Its funny, over the past 10 years, this region has seen dramatic warmups in January (similar to the one that caused some major flooding in early January of this year), and multiple 60 degree days in January and February. Because these haven't happened with the frequency that folks can remember - ie the 10 years in most recent memory - this "winter must be the worst on record". Too funny, and not even close.

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