He's funny!

Conversations had with the King last night at dinner:

(1st Joke told by the three year old - recorded here for posterity)

Mom, why did the banana go to the Doctor?

I dunno Wook, why?

Because he was sick! (Gales of laughter ensue from the King)

Hmmm...he is even making up his own jokes. Must take after Capt Oz's side of the family!

(Sexism starts young I guess)

Mom, do you know what this is? (Holding his hands up as if he is batting)


Nope. T-ball.

Who plays t-ball? (Thinking he must have heard about this glorious sport from someone at school)


Oh. Are you going to play t-ball?

Yeah....when I am a giiiiirrrrllll.

Boys play t-ball too Wook.

No, boys play baseball Mom.

Your brother played T-ball.....

He's a girl.

(OMG, Capt Oz and I just lost it - especially the "when I am a (drawn out) girrrrllllllll")

(At his Aunt Lori's House, after yakking up his breakfast everywhere and still breathing hard and gulping)

Aunt Lori, you are gonna have to make me another breakfast.
(I guess he was still hungry???)

Intentional or not, it never ceases to amaze me how funny those three-year olds can be!

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