Old Guard Dinner

There is a tradition at HMS that if you have been around long enough (4+ years!), you are made a member of Old Guard. This evening, Captain Oz was made a member of this noble and long standing tradition (it was said that Old Guard was established pre-1920's). He received credit for the 3.5 years he spend here as a Cadet, and the 1/2 year that he has been here as a Member of the Faculty! Voila...4 years...and now a member of Old Guard. (Hey Capt Oz...can you talk to your Old Guard Cronies about OG Pond? Would love to see it up, and functioning - and perhaps your schoolmates swords could make it back to their rightful owners LOL!)

Congratulations Old Guard and Old Boy Captain Oz. Tis a well deserved Honor!

Post Old Guard Induction, the Superintendant also hands out a few awards in "fun" to staff, alumni, cadets and the like. These are hand selected by the Superintendant and are all in good fun.

Imagine our surprise when Princess Grace was called to the podium. Can you see what is in the Superintendant's hand as he is giving a quick dissertation behind the recipient of the "Cadet who Can't Stop Hurting Himself" award? Tis a bandage wrap! Hold on to it Princess..you'll most likely need it - soon!

All in all...a fun evening!
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Carol P. said...

Hey, if he's a member of the Old Guard, does that mean he's old???

Congratulations to both the senior Oz and Princess Grace!

DF said...

I like the new skin, BTW

JO said...

Thanks on the new skin comment. Just thought I would do a little "spring cleaning"!

Of course it means he is OLD C! Oh wait..I am a year older than him. sigh.

Carol P. said...

Hey, I'm not old. But I'm happy to let Capt. Oz get old in my place....

And I too like the new look. I've been lazy about changing mine, in part because I would have to dink around with sitemeter and I just haven't had the time....