Snow Day!

I battled my way through the 5" of snow along with the requisite drifting this morning to arrive at daycare (a mile from my office, and 35 miles away from home), to find that the daycare the King attends was planning on closing at 10:00 a.m. due to the inclement weather.

I dropped him off (at 7:15) then went on in to the office for a couple of hours before collecting him and heading home. In the meantime, about 4 more inches of the white stuff fell, leading us to have around 9 inches. Fun drive home huh!

After eating Lunch, and the King napping (okay..so I napped to for a little while), we headed over to one of the houses nearby (another Tac officer's house) so that the King could have a little snow day fun! Almost makes you wish you were a kid again..huh!


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