Sorry for the lack O'Posting of late

Things have gotten even more crazy at the Office. I recently let my Purchasing Agent go, and in the process have assumed her positional duties as well. Nothing like a full time job on top of my full time job. Add to that the normal mom activities, and the running hither thither and yon (yon is my favorite place to run mind you!), and you get really long days, and seemingly short nites. This too will pass...long about May when I straighten out the mess our purchasing department is in!

But to make up for it, the following are random posts that I have been meaning to post - so enjoy!

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Carol P. said...

Oh, I can soooooooooo relate to this. I'm changing groups at the end of the month and one thing that I won't miss is the crazy hours working with my buddies half way round the world. I dream of sleeping at normal times!

I'm supposed to be working 32 hours a week, but between the end game on my mail project and the startup of the other project, it's been more like 40-45. I'm looking forward to having only one job and during school hours.

Hang in there, May is only 2 months away!