Strike that....

Now we have the second snowiest winter on record, having recorded 75.6". Okey Dokey. Oh, and just in case you were sitting there with bated breath - 1-2" coming today during the day, with 2-4 coming overnight through a winter storm warning. Yeah buddy. When the Oz family decides to move north because the "winters are cold and snowy, but they aren't that bad", Mother Nature says "I'll show them"!


meh said...

OK dare I tell you that I'm in Miami for a conference and contemplating staying in this 80 degree weather forever?! Um enjoy the snow....

Carol P. said...

Snort, go MEH!

Supposed to be mid-50s today here, and up into the 60s tomorrow and Thursday. We'll have to drive to the snow for spring break, darn.

At least the King likes it!

JO said...

Y'all stink. Seriously. YALL STINK. (Oh wait, I am up north now....You Guys stink!).

Well.....I guess my only consolation is that.... well....there ain't no consolation - just more snow!

Carol P. said...

Wow, the difference between 2" above normal and second-snowiest on record is only 8 inches? Not a very broad spectrum o' snow there, is there? I just checked the snow levels at some of the resorts here, and we've got bases of 10-15 feet or more on the ground, depending on where you are in the mountains. It was a banner December and January, but the new snow basically stopped in early Feb and most of Feb was dry (we were 2" behind in our Feb rains down here).

Before that, they had to call out the National Guard to shovel snow in some towns, and major highways were closed for a while due to avalanches.

But just for you, some consolation for being in the snow:

The king has fun in it

Between the dry winter air, the storms, and the hats, you have an excuse for bad hair days

Ditto for rumpled clothes (not that you'd ever suffer that) and bulky wardrobe pieces, and favorite sweaters that might normally not be allowed out of the house

Doughnuts in a parking lot when no one is looking. I'm just sayin'

Snowshoes are cheap this time of year, so stock up!

The plowed-snow piles will last 'til summer, so the King can go outdoor swimming and sledding on the same day, just like us Oregonians!

I'm just sayin'.....