First Parade of the Spring Season

Today the school was back to Sunday Parades. They were supposed to begin last weekend, but unfortunately, the snow, rain and sleet had other ideas. Or maybe it was because my cadet was at a wrestling tourney and they just couldn't even consider having a parade without him. Yea right!

At parade time, it was a beautiful 70 degrees with a nice light wind blowing and clear blue skies. Made for an extremely comfortable parade day for both the spectators and the participants. The cadets can be absolutely miserable during parades when the temps are 80+ and they are in full garrison uniforms!

The Cadet (shown in the front row at the end)was in great form, even performing the duty of Guide on Line (meaning Squad Leader for his Company, or "leader of the first platoon). Hence the pic of him just "standing alone". He has broken out of ranks and has come to the ready line. Don't ask me why - I couldn't even begin to make up a reason other than "because that is what they do!"

The final two pictures are as the Cadet's company passed in review. As a platoon leader and Sarge, the cadet is "in command of his platoon" from the front line (just behind the flag bearer).

All in all, a great day for a well executed parade! Good job Cadet, and good job to all my "boys and girls". Y'all rock!

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