The Future Cadet is in the Building

How can you tell where the cadets are around the campus? Well, for the most part it is kind of easy. If theyare at mess, their Guidon's are outside the mess hall (Echo, Bravo, Alpha, and Mike), ditto if they are en masse in the canteen, or at school. If they are in the barracks or at free time, their guidon rests outside their door, indicating the company is in residence. Pretty efficient way to determine where the kids are right?

It is pretty efficient. (I can easily drive by any of the locations to find out where the Cadet's company is - that would be if I am looking for him!)

The little King has been fascinated by the Guidons, and many times, outside of the mess hall, has looked for a large stick to post as his "Guidon" next to the other flags in the Guidon holders. In fact, he even pulled his Guidon (looking amazingly like a stick from a Maple Tree!) from his post and marched his Grandmother, Uncle the Lt. Colonel, Mom and Brother home from Morning Mess behind it.

It got to be such a "routine" for him, that if I managed to rush him into the mess hall without allowing him to find his "flag", he would sneak back out while I was working on his plate of food in the buffet line.

Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the TAC officer of the Cadet's company - who has a soft spot in his heart for the King. Nor did it go unnoticed by several members of the Cadet's company (those who sat at the tables that the King would sneak past to get out the door).

On Saturday, as we stopped by the Cadet's barracks, imagine the surprise of one young King when the TAC and several cadets presented the King with....his very own Guidon! Designed and executed by his buddies in Echo Company.

Now the King/Future Cadet posts every time he is at home (so his "fends" in his Dad's company know that the King is in the barracks!).

He hasn't posted at the Mess Hall yet, as we haven't been there since he was presented with it (spent all day at a wrestling tourney yesterday....pics to come later) - but you can be sure that at Wednesday nights dinner (Mr. Oz is off for the next two days)...there will be an Echo, Bravo, Alpha, Mike and King Guidon posted. And someone will definitely be proud that he is represented.
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meh said...

O M G this is the most adorable thing I have ever heard. Who says teenage boys can't be absolutely loving and thoughtful and caring? KUDOS to the Cadet and his fellow MEN!!!!